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This American Life app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 3344 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: Public Radio Exchange (PRX)
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.0.4, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 01 Feb 2010
App size: 18 Mb

Official app for the public radio program This American Life. The This American Life app gives you access to the shows entire archive.

You can download an unlimited number of episodes for offline listening. You can also bookmark episodes to listen to later, and track your progress through our archive by marking stories as heard.

Browse and download episodes hand-picked by the shows host, Ira Glass, and our staff. Use our new search and filter functions to find your favorite stories by topic, contributor, and year.

This American Life is produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago and delivered to stations by PRX The Public Radio Exchange. This app was developed by Black Pixel.

Pros and cons of This American Life app for iPhone and iPad

This American Life app good for

Very nice app. Awesome podcast. Perfect for long road trips. Only problem: if you lose connexion story can be interrupted. But overall very good.
Fantastic to be able to have all TAL shows on demand when I travel.
It works Great. I can download and listen do any episodes I want. Even the very old ones. This Am is a great show!
Smart, thoughtfull and -provoking. I can highly recommend this App. Get it now, minor Bugs get hopefully soon Patched.
I love listening to This American Life. Sadly though, the last update introduced a bug. Previously, I could download one episode for offline listening. Now I can download five (which I did) but cant get rid of them to download the next five :-( Hopefully the next update will fix this.
I totally love this show, i am listening to it since years. I laughed so hard, i cried so many times. This show takes you on a journey. It opens doors which usually are closed, it allows you to share peoples most intimite moments. Its raw, pure, surprising, honest and totally beautiful. It provides me with emotional input and allows me to get new perspectives on various topics. I hope they never stop producing this show.

Some bad moments

I just bought the app, and Im disappointed that the app archive starts at January 2012. Where are all the rest of this years episodes? I live abroad, and was looking forward to listening to This American Life on the train during my commute. Very disappointed.
The app did not worked in my phone, i have an iPhone 4s. Please do a new version.
I used to love the last This American Life App and never had a single problem with it. Now with the new one, I find it to be very faulty. When I save episodes at home, so that I can listen to them on the train or at work, they suddenly are not available anymore. The app also crashes a lot, a problem that I havent encountered before. I really have had so many problems with it. I hope that some of the bugs can be fixed soon. Sometimes the app also forgets where I was in the episode. It just doesnt do its job I must say. It is so upsetting that I am looking into other ways to listen to radio shows, because I cant count on this one. If I could go back to the old one I would do that. I am sorry for this bad review, but I love listening to the show and this app is making this very difficult.
Hasnt worked well since the redesign & gets worse all the time. I love the show, but the app sucks.
Love the show, but find the app tricky. Cant seem to delete downloaded episodes and the app crashes all the time.
This App used to work well, but inexplicably seems to get worse with every update. Now I am having problems with downloading, playing and just seeing all of the episodes. These are the only 3 things I need this app to do! Very disappointing.

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